Oven Cleaning Process


We will then carry out the following:

Pre Clean & Inspection

  • We protect floors, walls and fixtures against any chemicals or equipment brought into your home

  • We carry out a full inspection of your oven, detailing any faults and highlight these to you before starting

  • Our engineers carry a full range of spares should you wish us to fix any issues

The Clean

  • We then bring our purpose built cleaning tank (van based) up to temperature

  • This helps with the deep cleaning process and while this is happening we will strip your oven down

  • We dismantle parts like doors, glass, panels, interior fans, grills and bulb cases ready for cleaning

  • Once all items are removed we place them in our van based dip tank for a good soak

  • This process takes about 30 minutes during which time all dirt and carbon deposits are removed

  • While these parts are soaking we get to work cleaning the interior of your oven

  • We remove any rubber seals and side panels so we can get right into the crevices of the oven

  • Many non-professional cleaners miss these areas but they are vital if the job is to be done properly

  • We use mainly non toxic/fume products to help us clean the worst areas

  • Any stubborn areas are treated with some more agressive products


  • Once these areas are cleaned we will reassemble the parts from our dip tank, leaving a sparkling finish

  • You will then be invited to inspect the results and we are sure you will be amazed at the difference

  • We then remove all the protective coverings we put down to start and then it's time to settle the bill

Follow Up Appointment

  • We recommend booking your next clean for around 7-9 months time and the engineer can book this in for you while we are with you, we will then get in touch to remind you nearer the time.

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The Aylesbury oven cleaning process starts with us visiting your house at a time that suits you. All our engineers are fully trained and insured. We also offer a money back guarantee on all our cleaning work.

Oven Cleaning Aylesbury
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