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Stone & Brick Repairs

  • Chipped and damaged lintels

  • Discoloured stone

  • Damaged bricks

  • Mullions

  • Stone tinting

  • Graffiti damage

  • Pollution damage

  • Recolouring

  • Weathered bricks


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At SurfaceMaster we provide a full repair and cleaning  service for all types of stone and brick. We can colour match all brick and stone types making all damage totally invisible and the stone or brick looks like new.

Our services include repairs for mortar, brick, stone and cement. New brick can be made to look old, old brick can be made to look new and we can even soot wash brick - to match old weathered brick and stone areas.


As with any construction material, stone can become damaged over time, making your building look tired and in need of some restoration.


In older buildings, weathering is a problem, and sharp lines carved into the surfaces of  window lintels or mullions, can dissapear over time. Anyone looking to repair the stone in an older building will also have the problem of colour matching the surface.

Stone, Brick Repair Service

The freeze-thaw cycle of water lying in the seams or detailing of stone will cause fragments to break away, leaving behind damage that needs repair.

Pollution and graffiti are also problems seen on stone, if these are not removed and repaired properly they can leave marks or colour distortions that will look completely different to the rest of the surface.

We can repair & match just about any brick or stone damage, making the surface look like new again!

​​​​​​​​We will professionally clean and repair all exterior stone and brick surfaces leaving a new and fresh look.

By choosing SurfaceMaster we will not only restore the exterior of your home/business back to its former glory, but save you hours of hard work and the possibility of damaging the surface.

For a free quotation please call us on 07767 453478.

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