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Carpet Damage Repair Service

Many people replace carpets, throw a rug over or somehow try to hide damaged carpets, some just live with it!


Some damage is caused by permanent stains, iron burns, cigarette burns, split seams, frustrated pets, etc.

SurfaceMaster offer a specialist carpet repair service. Replacement is not always necessary, we might be able to help by carrying out minor repairs which would improve the appearance by around 80-90%.

We've had situations where a frustrated pet has damaged carpets at nearly every door in a house, making the nearly new carpets look very ‘tatty’. We carried out specialist repairs and saved the carpets.

Carpet Damage Repair Service

Don't replace your carpet - we can repair it!

We repair all kinds of carpet damage - burn marks, pet damage, stains, and wear & tear - and make it disappear!

- Wool Carpets

- Nylon

- Polyester

- Polypropylene

- Plush

- Acrylic 

- Commercial 

Carpet Damage Repair Service

We use state of the art carpet repair techniques to make repairs on all sorts of damage, this includes carpets and rugs. We can use any spare carpet to replace the damaged area or even use carpet from a hidden area such as under a cupboard.


We carry out all repairs at your property and leave a seamless, invisible finish - with no sign of the damage - saving you  hundreds of pounds on a new carpet, a lost deposit or an insurance excess payment.

- Burns

- Tears

- Pet Damage

- Pulls

- Wear & Tear

- Liquid Spills

- Retufting 

- Heat Damage

+ Much More




All our repairs come with a full guarantee, they will withstand vacuuming and carpet cleaning just like the orignal carpet.

Don't live with unsightly carpet damage, contact us today for a free no obligation repair quote

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