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Warranty & Repair Terms

SurfaceMaster service is designed to give you a quality finish that will last, as well as save you both time and money. Repair and/or resurfacing are an alternative to replacement; whilst the item/s or area/s may look as good as new, they are not. All repairs are colour matched on site. As a result we guarantee a near invisible finish, with no colour difference or repair noticeable within 1 metre of the repaired area. Newly repaired areas may have a slightly different lustre as they will be new, whereas older surfaces may have a slightly different depth of shine, this will blend in over time .



SurfaceMaster repairs have a warranty of ONE YEAR (on domestic properties). The warranty covers flaking, peeling, and general failure of adhesion to the surface, subject to the following conditions:

  1. No abrasive/caustic or bleach based cleaners are to be used on the surface. Soapy water with a soft cloth is best.

  2. The only cleaning products we recommend are Ecover or Method as these are natural ingredient cleaners.

  3. Physical damage such as chips and scratches or mistreatment is not covered.

  4. Staining caused from chemicals or dyes, is specifically excluded.

  5. Heat exceeding 350 degrees or direct flame. (No steam cleaning at any time)

  6. Problems caused from excess moisture, structural conditions or movement of the fixtures.

This does not apply to solid wood worktops where customers are expected to maintain and oil as required.


General Conditions & Indemnity


For works that include resurfacing, the colour must be approved by the customer or authorised representative prior to application. Once applied the colour cannot be changed without completely re-applying the colour to the item at your expense. If SurfaceMaster removes or replaces any fixtures at your request, it is done solely as a courtesy and the responsibility for any damage is yours.  Our technicians may remove  or loosen handles, and will be responsible for returning them to their original places unless the age or general decay of such fittings make it impossible to do so.


Cancellation/additional charges may be payable if:

  • Cancellations are made after 3.30pm on the day prior to attendance & we cannot fill the slot

  • If incorrect information is given when quoted for

  • There is no access to work area

  • Differences in the scope of work, where we are unable to undertake the work.


Any structural repairs needed in order to effect an invisible repair will not be covered by the one year guarantee on the basis that the repaired area may fail under undue pressure or weight that we are not in control of. Customers also acknowledge that some surfaces may be beyond repair. SurfaceMaster will always advise the customer (before work commences) if attempting a repair may make the surface worse or the surface may break beyond repair. Under these circumstances SurfaceMaster will not be liable for replacing any damaged items and the customer accepts the call out fee of £60 may still be payable.



All invoices/payment for work carried out, will be due upon completion of the repair. Methods of payment can be viewed here.



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