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Badly Damaged Basin

When your basin has this many cracks, you may think it's time to put it in the skip!

Well as you can imagine you'd be wrong, we can still make a good repair, leaving it with many more years of service.

The Challenge

The sink had multiple cracks in three directions and a crack that went most of the way round the plug area. This meant it was all about to fall apart. The issue was that we had no access to the underside given that the sinks were fitted into a vanity worktop which was also sealed from the front.

The Work

Our technician, carefully ground out all the damaged areas so that we could fill the cracks with our unique hard setting gel (that would be harder than the sink itself). Once these were all done and filled with the gel, the technician used various grades of sand paper and wet and dry to bring the surface back to a smooth and even finish, matching the original sink before the damage.

The Finishing Touches

Once all the preparation work had been completed, we colour matched the paint with our unique enamel colouring system, making sure the area and colour were an exact match with the rest of the sink. We then sprayed the area over and over until the damage was covered and the desired finish was acheived.

Once dry the area was treated with a coat of special enamel polish and then buffed up to give the high gloss finish that was needed.

Both damaged sinks were repaired within 3 hours.

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