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Today's Customer Saved Over £5,000

When a customer dropped a heavy object on a 1970's peach coloured toilet cistern lid and broke it into 4 pieces, there were 2 choices ....

1 - As they could not match the cistern or colour they would have to rip out the peach coloured suite and replace everything, including the tiles, bath, sink etc. The quote they received was over £5000.

2- Luckily they came across our details and made contact. We called and started our repair ...

Firstly we stuck the 4 pieces back together, we then filled the missing areas before reshaping the lid to match how it was originally.

We then colour matched it on-site to the 1970's peach colour and finally resprayed so it looked brand new.

Total saving for the customer over £5000 ...... bit of a no brainer really!

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