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Some of this weeks repairs

Lets take a look at some of the repairs we have done this week.

This was a manufacturing fault that was not noticed until after the basin had been fitted into the vanity unit and all the tiling had been completed. Much easier and cheaper for us to make a repair for the customer.

This was a good quality solid bath panel, as you can see it had a nasty chip that was right in the customers eyeline. Again it was far cheaper and easier (as panle was tiled in at the ends) for us to make an invisible repair.

When a customer dropped a chair in the middle of their laminate floor it made a nasty hole. Clearly replacing the laminate floor was out of the question, so we made a repair for them.

This hand wash basin had taken a bit of a battering, mainly due to items being dropped from an overhead shelf. We repaired the damage and colour matched the basin to make the damage dissapear.

Damage to a brand new laminate floor in a kitchen. This was right in the middle of a walkway and stuck out like a sore thumb. We matched the colour and grain so that the damage is no longer visible.

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