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Our Carbon Footprint ....

We are all conscious of the impact we have on the planet and what we can do to help. We are also looking into our own carbon footprint and thought we would share our efforts with you ....

Paint products

We obviously need to use paint products in our repair process, but to minimise the impact on the environment we use green coatings that are VOC compliant and cause minimal harm. In addition to this we use such a small amount in every repair that we believe this is the best way forward.


By repairing broken items instead of ripping them out and replacing with new, we are reducing the amount that goes into landfill and at the same time reducing the energy and materials needed to make the new fitting. We also save additional trades attending along with all of the related travel etc.

Running a vehicle

This has been a difficult one to try and balance. However we have purchased a new van that complies with the London Low Emission regulations and we also use the Shell Go+ fuel scheme, that allows us to offset our fuel use and emissions. Due to the distance we cover an electric vehicle is not feasible but we are doing everything else we can to reduce our emissions.

General Waste

We don't create much waste at all, but all our masking papers are made from recycled materials and all the other waste we produce during a repair is fully recyclable.

Going Paperless

We are already virtually paperless in our business, we do sometimes get asked for a paper receipt or invoice but wherever possible we provide all documents in an email form and ask all our customers to consider the environment before printing.

There's always more we can all do and we are no exception, we are always trying to find ways to improve and will continue to do what we can as our business grows.

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