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NEW SERVICE - Rotten / Decayed Wood Repairs

Wood Decay & Rot Repairs

At Surface Master we provide a full repair service for all types of decayed and rotten wood surfaces.

We can repair all types of damage and decay in sash windows, window sills and doors. Our repairs will leave the surface as strong as it was when new.

Our services include repairing and matching any contours ready for decoration. Old decayed and rotten wood can be made to look new - saving you hundreds of pounds on replacement costs.

As with any construction material, wood can become damaged or decayed over time, making your building look tired and in need of some restoration.

In older buildings, weathering is a problem, over time wood if untreated can become soft and rotten. Anyone looking to repair wood in their building will also have the problem of matching the original fittings.

Click here for a free quote or call us on 07767 453478

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