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Repair of the Week

OK, so you are in a rented property and about to move out. You will have a property inspection in order to get your security deposit back.

One problem .... your dog has badly scratched the uPVC patio door and a fan heater has put a nasty burn in it. The local window Company have quoted over £400 for new doors and fitting!

Answer .... Call SurfaceMaster to invisibly repair the damage for a fraction of the price.

Step 1

Inspect the damage, it's pretty bad! Multiple scratch marks and digs and a massive burn that has gone through the surface and bubbled.

Step 2

Remove the damage, fill the areas, sand and smooth them to look like the original and then colour match and re-spray the door.


The door now looks like new, with no sign of any damage. When the landlord checks the property you should get the security deposit back without any issues.

Check out all the items we can repair for you here.

Why replace when we can restore it for you at a fraction of the cost?

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