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Saving £'s in the Bathroom

If you manage to damage a bathroom fitting there's no need to rip it out and replace it.

As far as savings are concerned, lets assume you have damaged a porcelain basin in your bathroom. You will need a plumber to come and remove the taps and drainage and take out the damaged basin. You will then need a new basin and possibly taps and waste fittings:

  • Plumber costs approx £150 + VAT = £180

  • New Taps if needed approx £50 - £100

  • Fittings £30

  • New Basin £100 - £250

This all comes to at least £360 to replace. For us to do a standard repair costs around £120 saving you at least £240.

These figures are based on the cheapest option which saves you over 40%. Based on mid range plumber costs, we can save you over 50%. On average every £1 you spend with SurfaceMaster saves around £5 on replacement materials and labour.

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