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You Don't Pay Unless We Perform!

When you damage a fixture or fitting in your home or business, the first thought is get it replaced.

This means getting a tradesman (plumber, tiler, kitchen fitter ..) and the associated labour costs, mess, time and new fittings. Not only does this cost but it adds to landfill and takes time, often putting a bathroom or kitchen out of action for a period of time.

But what's the alternative?

Have you tried a Cosmestic Hard Surface Repair .....

SurfaceMaster Repairs can colour match any finish you may have, in fact we even guarantee it with our colour match system, where we mix and match on site.

We then repair the item and you only pay if your are happy .... yes you read it right, if you are not happy then our 'No Fix - No Fee' guarantee means you don't pay us a penny. So if you have a broken item it's worth letting us try to fix it, if we can then all good, if we can't then it's cost you nothing!

On top of all this theres the money you can save .... let's look at a typical example below ..

As far as savings are concerned, lets assume you have damaged a porcelain basin in your bathroom. You will need a plumber to come and remove the taps and drainage and take out the damaged basin. You will then need a new basin and possibly taps and waste fittings:

  • Plumber costs approx £150 + VAT = £180

  • New Taps if needed approx £50 - £100

  • Fittings £30

  • New Basin £100 - £250

This all comes to at least £360 to replace. For us to do a standard repair costs around £120 saving you at least £240.

These figures are based on the cheapest option which saves you over 40%. Based on mid range plumber costs, we can save you over 50%. On average every £1 you spend with SurfaceMaster saves around £5 on replacement materials and labour.

We cover all areas across Central England, so there's sure to be help on hand. We even have approved repairers we can recommend in areas we don't cover.

So don't live with damage and waste money replacing, just give us a call or fill in our easy Quote Form and we can give you a price and get it fixed quickly and easily.

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