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Coronavirus Outbreak

We are trying to keep our business running during the Coronavirus outbreak, but we also have a duty to keep our staff safe. We are more than happy to attend repairs where people are self isolating, but we do ask for a few precautions to be taken in line with advice from Public Health England.

1- If you are self isolating at home or you are aware you have the virus please let us know before we arrive.

2- We will still attend the repair but we ask that you let us in (keeping a safe distance 2 metres) and the people in the property keep themselves in a seperate room during the time our engineer is on site.

3- Our engineers will take sensible precautions such as wearing gloves, hand washing and sanitising, keeping a safe distance (2 metres) etc and any items handled like card readers for payment will be fully sanitised after each use.

4- Due to the possibility of virus transfer we will not be getting customers to sign warranty information etc when the repair is completed.

We hope you understand the reasons for these measures, hopefully we can continue to offer an uninterupted service for our customers.

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