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Non-Slip Tray & Bath Coating

At SurfaceMaster we can apply a non-slip coating to any shower tray or bathtub. Shampoo and soap mixed with water can make these surfaces like ice and pose a huge safety risk to all users.

Whether you are a commercial property such as a care home / hotel or you simply want to make your domestic bath tub or shower tray safer we can help.

Wet surfaces can be very dangerous for the elderly, less abled or even children. Our simple non-slip coating can make these surfaces safe, while keeping the original appearance and colour of the fitting.

If surfaces are coated properly they can last for years and years, so why go to the expense of having them ripped out and replaced. No more mouldy and potentially dangerous bath/shower mats.

We can fully non-slip coat any acrylic, stone resin or ceramic surface, making it totally safe when wet!

By choosing SurfaceMaster you can rest assured we will provide a quality service and a fully guaranteed coating.

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